Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New way to share media

This is my first post using TechSmith's Media Roll to share photos and videos from my account. As I add content to my Screencast shared folder it should automatically update the Media Roll widget below without me having to come back and edit the blog entry. TOTALLY COOL!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So far so good

It's only been a few days and I am making progress. I've been good with training and nutrition having done all of my workouts so far this week and not eating junk food. I could easily enjoy a chocolate shake right now.

The weather is still a bummer. It's mid April and we have had snow this week. That makes it tough to get out for a ride (which I am just itchin' to do). I worked out on the cycle trainer last night and ran on a treadmill at work today.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In addition to training (running, cycling), I am going to watch what I eat. has the capability to log meals and even has a pretty good database of foods to select from. I had lunch at Quizno's today (yummy subs) but they don't have nutritional information there or online. A short Google search brought me to CalorieKing which helped me get the info for my log. Yes, I a smoked turkey sub today. :)

First training program

I've signed up at and purchased 6 months of a Gold membership. I just selected my first training program based on feedback from one of the BT coaches. This is to get me ready for the Willow Duathlon on May 5th. It is a short sprint Du with a 5K run, 20K run and then another 5K run (3.1mi, 12.4mi, 3.1mi). The training program is really meant to be a 12 week program for a beginner duathlete than seeks to complete the event without trouble. Thing is, the event is less than 4 weeks away so I don't have enough time for the whole program. I am picking up the program at day 58.

Running for these periods of time is not an issue and the bike training is also not an issue. I'm confident that I can complete the event but am just unsure how good my performance will be. At this point in my multisport career, succesfully completing events is my goal. My performance oriented event is this Fall.
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I have decided to create and maintain my first blog. I've thought about doing this for quite some time but have not found a compelling reason before now. For example, I thought about creating a photography blog but it just didn't feel like I would keep up with it. Well, last year I really got into cycling and not just a bit or for a few weeks... I logged over 1800 miles on the road last year and completed my first century ride (100 miles) by mid summer. It was a lifestyle change that I will go into more in a later post.

The lifestyle change has stuck and I have started to branch out beyond cycling into the world of multisports (triathlon and duathlon). I'm going to keep this blog for myself, as a way of tracking my progress and to hold myself accountable for reaching my goals. If others can find this entertaining or even motivational then all the more reason to do so. More to come...